Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Friday, September 30, 2011

Paint and the Priesthood

The mission home is being repainted.  
This means that we have had workers around the clock
for a couple of weeks.   If I open my window in the morning 
they say "buenos diaz."

A couple of days ago I looked out one of the windows
and the wall around the 
outside of the home was being painted a florescent yellow.
I thought that this was a strange primer.
I told President to look at the primer and he said
 No, that was the new color.
I said... "what are you talking about."
He said that he came into my room several days ago
when I was in my drug induced coma for my ear infection
and asked me to choose the colors for the walls.

Without skipping a beat I said....
"There is no way, even in my drugged state that I would ever
choose that color, period."

He said that it really happened
and I said ... "well let's go stop the madness"

Thank goodness they had only started on one small piece of the wall.

We got the color all straightened out 
but I think the pain from my ear is traveling to the other one.
I had a little tear streaming down my face today at the office.
So I asked Terry to please get one of the Elders to help him
give me a blessing.
He asked a couple of them to step into his office
and then a couple more followed in
and then the doorbell rang
and it was three more
By the time we were ready to give the blessing
there were nine great Elders 
and my husband
laying their hands on my head
to give me a Priesthood blessing.

If people truly understood what these missionaries were really all about
there would be no hesitation in listening to them.
But people are cynical about religion.
Which is very sad.... because you won't want to miss this!
We had our friend just tell us that she thought that these missionaries
were all being paid a lot of money to talk about the church.
She thought they all lived in very nice apartments and 
made a great living.

Please know that our missionaries pay for their own way
on the mission.  It is two years of dedication
and the hardest work ever
with no salary except the pure joy 
of seeing peoples lives change
including their own.

Thank you worthy Elders for the priesthood blessing today.
Les amo mis hijos.