Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Saturday, September 17, 2011


President Turk and his small entourage are making
an entrance to the baptism
in Salaverry.

The first one to greet us was this little wonder.
The cutest head of hair ever.

Sister Legg was in Salaverry over a year ago.
She and her companion taught a young boy the gospel
and he got baptized.
When she came back to work in Salaverry she looked for him
but he and his mother had moved to Esperanza.
They got a referral for this young man below
and started to teach him.

Come to find out... he is the older brother to the boy
that Hermana Legg taught over a year ago.
This young man was so prepared and ready for the Gospel.
It was sweet to listen to his testimony through his tears.

He said that now he and his brother will be great examples for the rest of their family.