Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Sweetest Tender Mercy for a Grandma

Today I was dragging my feet as I was leaving for Sacrament Meeting.
My Heart and Mind were at home 
with my children as they were getting
ready to bless our 
sweet little Penny Turk.
She is our first little granddaughter.

I was trying not to cry and praying that I could feel the spirit at church.
We are in a different Ward or Branch every week.
Today we were visiting the Chan Chan Ward.

They asked us to please join them up on the stand.
It was fast and testimony meeting so we were not speaking 
anywhere today.

While I was sitting on the stand my mind 
was wandering to Pretty Penny and her blessing.
Right then the Bishop announces that there will be two baby blessings.
They were both little girls.
I was thrilled.....  My heart was jumping...
and even better, President Turk was invited to stand in the circle 
and participate in each 
of these beautiful baby blessings just like he would 
have been with our Penny.
As he sat down we were both grabbing for his handkerchief. 
We both had tears.

We have been in many wards and branches and stakes over the past year.
We have never once visited a ward at the right time to see 
a child get blessed.

But today we were there when they had two beautiful 
little dark haired girls
Just like our Penny.

And one more thing... It was at the exact same time as Penny was 
being blessed in Mesa, Arizona.

Thank you Father.
This means everything to a Grandma and Grandpa that are so far away.

I have heard that our little Penny's blessing was beautiful.
Thank you Parker and all those who joined in the blessing at home.
Here are a couple of pictures of our Penny.
She looked perfect.

Hali, Tillman, Parker and Penny on her big day.

We Love You Penny Turk!