Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Friday, September 2, 2011

Leaving Blessings in the Home...

When President Turk was out with Elder Batz and Elder Iler yesterday....
they stopped by to thank this family for all their
help with the missionary effort.
The family members take turns going out to teach
with the missionaries.
It is fantastic to have members with the missionaries in the lessons.
They can create ties with them
and also testify of truth and tell them about all the activities
that are happening in the ward.

President Turk and the Elders also taught lessons in two
part member families.
When they were finished, President Turk
asked if he could leave a blessing at each of the homes.

He then gave powerful blessings with promises through the 
power of the Priesthood which he holds.

After they left,
the Missionaries were very impressed and asked 
the President all about leaving Blessings in the homes.

The President will be talking to and teaching all of his Missionaries
about this great opportunity.... AGAIN!

He has taught it many times but don't forget that we keep adding
30 new missionaries every 6 weeks.

It is difficult to keep up on all the training with each of the missionaries.

We have leadership training on Tuesday and Zone Leaders
on Wednesday next week. Perfect!
Here we go AGAIN!