Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The President's on the Move!

The President taught with these gentlemen this afternoon.
Elder Araneda from Chile and Elder Meza from California.

I don't want to always paint a bed of roses when the
President is out teaching.
He experiences people not showing up for appointments
or some door rejections too.

But as you move forward without letting the failure
get to you... there is always someone right 
around the corner praying for you 
to come and give them
Guidance and Truth.

It was that way today.
A few appointments failed.
So they visited the Bishop in the area
and his wife who is also our missionaries pensionista.
Then on their way back they went by a referral that the Elders
 had touched base with a few weeks ago
but had not been able to catch at home.

She opened the door and invited them in.
She said that she was sorry but her husband wasn't home.
So they set an appointment for Friday.
But right as they were leaving the husband arrived.
They said that they would like to come and teach them on Friday
and he said no.... let's do it now.
They had a beautiful lesson.
The spirit bore witness to this couple.
They loved everything about it
and wanted more.
They will have another lesson Friday.
This couple has three beautiful children also.

They were on the way home and a man flagged
President Turk on the street and
said that he wanted to know when church started.  
President thought he must be a member already
but no, he just wanted to know more
about the mormons.
The Elders made an appointment
to teach him and then they are picking him up
on Sunday for Church.

There are always people being prepared to 
be taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Then the magic and miracle of the Gospel
transforms people.  Even their countenances change
as they begin to live the principles of the Gospel.
The Gospel is freeing and empowering.

Thank you Elder Araneda and Elder Meza