Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sweet Hour of Prayer...

After our Multi-Zone Conference yesterday, the Missionaries gathered with their own Zones
and did some practicing and gave a few announcements and then 
knelt down in prayer.

It is a beautiful thing to watch these young men and women
humbly kneel down together
to ask Heavenly Father for guidance
in seeking those ready
to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

They have turned their whole lives over to Him
for Two years.


They find out that as they give their all
to the Lord
He gives them so much more in return.
To see families find the Gospel is
the greatest reward ever.

These missionaries don't come to vacation.
This is not an easy walk in the park.
They have to work.  They have to be humble.
They have to follow routines and schedules.
And they have to know why they are here.
It is Serving others constantly every single day.

I wish I could express the happiness that we all feel
as we serve and help others
Come Unto Christ.

I hope somewhere you see your son or daughter.
This was only four Zones in the Trujillo area.
We have the other three Zones in Trujillo tomorrow.