Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Young Adults

Tonight we were speaking at a fireside to all these Young Adults.

President Turk and I took turns speaking back and forth on Marriage.

So one time while he was speaking I just picked up the camera and started taking pictures.
I wanted you to see what we do on the weekends.
This is what we do... We speak to large groups of people.

Here are some of the Stake Presidents that 
were sitting behind us as we spoke.
I just turned around and took a picture.
I think they were a little surprised.
I would never do this during a stake conference or a Sacrament Meeting
but this was a YA fireside.
I just got brave and did it.

To start our talk on marriage we gave them three stories of marriage proposals
and then by raising their hands they voted 
on which one they thought was our story.  
Only three people raised their hands on the right one.
We had one proposal at the temple, one on a mountain while skiing and the real one
was in his car, in front of my house in the middle of the day.
A total surprise to me.  The ring was in the glove box and he asked 
me to hand him his dark glasses.  As I opened it, the ring box fell out
and I squealed and opened the box and he put the ring on my finger.
Not really romantic, but totally caught me off guard.
Just how I like it...
Everyone voted on the Temple proposal story.
We knew they would.

Young Adults thanks for coming.
We love to be with you and feel your enthusiasm and great spirit.
Thanks to Elder Glasgow for his help with translation.

Muchas Gracias!