Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Entering the Mission...

Every time we get a new batch of missionaries,
President Turk and I gear up 
to receive a few desperate phone calls.

Some are about illness.
Some are over worthiness
Some are asking questions
Some are just complete homesick.

In every group there is a very important adjustment time
that each of our missionaries go through.

I don't care how well they are prepared...
there is the need to 
question and to be humbled.

It is all part of this wonderful experience
that we call
The Best Two Years.

And part of those two years is the difficult beginning.
This is when they really have to dig down deep
to know why they are here
and who they really are.

They also find out that Heavenly Father
is their Father
and that He loves them.

I have heard a few simply say...

This isn't what I thought"
"I don't think I can do this... it's too hard"

But we talk to them... Calm them down and
Explain that they need to give it some time.
 President Turk then gives them a Priesthood Blessing.

After a little time passes things start to get better.
Language barriers start to diminish.
Knowledge starts to increase...
and teaching and helping people become their focus.
Pretty soon a beautiful pattern develops that is 
above and beyond anything they have ever experienced.
It is the joy and excitement of helping others
find the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Peoples lives begin to have meaning and guidance and answers.
Lifelong relationships grow and develop.

Some of our Star missionaries have told me stories of when they arrived.
One said he was just on the verge of leaving the MTC.
The language was more than he could handle.
It wasn't coming to him at all. He was definitely going home.
His group had a scheduled visit to the Lima Temple

While he was in the Celestial Room he had an overwhelming 
feeling that his Grandfather, who had passed away,
was sitting right next to him.
He didn't see him.  He didn't hear him.
But he knew that he was there and his strength
and support was felt.
This Elder had a renewed hope.
He knew that his grandfather expected more.
He hung in there.
Today he cries just thinking that if he would have left the mission
at that time,  he would have missed the greatest
 experiences and blessings that he has ever received.
Not to mention all the wonderful people that he
has been able to help.
And he has helped many.

If you even help ONE person.... if helps generations of people.

Missions are hard... they are glorious, they are exhilarating,
they are exhausting, but they are always WORTH IT!
They are a great pattern for your life.

The mission is really two great years of a solid foundation
to make the rest of your
  life the best years ever.

Hang in there... the Best is yet to Come!