Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Friday, August 5, 2011

Guess Where We Are?

Yes... we are in our Peruvian Little Switzerland,  Huaraz!
President Took this photo this morning.
It is the Mountain Huascarán.
It is the highest mountain in Peru.

Below is a picture from our Hotel and Huascarán is the furthest mountain away
in the center of the photo.
These mountains sure make this town magnificent.

And so do these fellers.
These are our Zone Leaders in Huaraz
Elder Howard and Elder Takishita.

Here are the women of Huaraz.
Hermanas Ortiz, Langi, Mendoza, and Bigler.

First we work...

And then we play...

Hermana Langi                                                    Hermana Ortiz
Hermana Mendoza                                          Hermana Bigler

Elder Aquino                                                         Elder Martinez
Elder Del Aguila                                                        Elder Jimenez

Elder Gudiel                                                            Elder Marchant
Elder Canaan                                                      Elder Chacaltana

Elder Whitehead                                                                 Elder Mieles
        Elder Takishita                          Elder Howard                      Elder Pickett

We have another day with all of these great missionaries tomorrow.
They are fantastic!

Much Love to Huaraz