Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Interviews... PORVENIR ZONE

Can you tell who these eyes belong too?

Easy... Right?

One of our Zone Leaders in Porvenir...

Yes, it's Elder Ralph... He has those amazing eyebrows too!

and here is his companion, Elder De Leon the other Zone Leader for this group.

We went through all the same games.
So another rerun of pictures.... Just the people have changed.
We are still on this same circuit.
(Elders Olivares, Bourque, Cheme, Uribe, Johnson, De Leon)

 The Champs for this Zone...  Elder Johnson and Elder Uribe

They ventured into President Turks office for their group shot.
Pretty Bold!

Below.... a Special Musical number by the Porvenir District
and look who is back...
 (Elders Dickerson, Castro, Cermeno, DelaFuente, Farfan, and Bennett)

Elder Bennett and his many faces...

He really can be serious.  He just doesn't like me to catch him.

We love the hard work that the Porvenir Zone constantly puts forth.  They have had a lot of success.
Keep up the Great Effort....
Love to each one of you!