Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Monday, August 22, 2011

"Every time We Say Goodbye... I Die a Little"

Another Great Group... Gone.   Sad ;(

Every time I come home from the airport and blog
about my children leaving me...
I turn on the saddest song I can think of and just cry
my beedy little eyes out.

The best song to cry to is
"Every time we say Goodbye" by Steve Tyrell.
"Time to Say Goodbye" by Andrea Bocelli
Well, I have a lot of songs that are sad.

We always say...   "this group has so many leaders, what are we going
to do when they leave?"

And every time we have great missionaries that step up and take charge.
It is such a beautiful cycle...

Elder Dipaz' parents came from Lima to pick him up.
It was so nice to meet them.
They bore sweet testimonies this afternoon to the group.

It will be difficult not seeing these faces...  I love you all!

Time just slips through our fingers.
Please Elders and Sisters don't waste a second of your time here in the mission.
Make the most of every day.
Before you know it, you will be leaving and you will say...
Where did the time go?

After saying goodbye to these missionaries,
We watched them through the glass as they cheered on the 
new missionaries getting off the plane.
The new missionaries saw them and started pumping their fists in the air.
I wish I could get closer so that I could get a video of this
sweet exchange between those leaving and those coming.
It is so precious to me...

I am so happy to have these Elders with me at the airport...

And then VOILA... We are happy again.
22 new missionaries and all their luggage and their excitement.
My heart starts to beat faster again

The hole in my heart starts to fill with new smiles.
I am loving this group already

Mission Life Is Fantastic... Don't Miss This Opportunity of a Lifetime.  

These are the sweetest Goodbyes and Hellos Ever!