Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Friday, August 19, 2011

Doctor/Elder Cedar Glasgow

We have had a little surge in the illness department lately.
We have spent so much time in the clinics
that they just let Elder Glasgow back behind the counters
and into the computers.
He can just run the whole place by now.

We have recently had bouts with Bells Palsy, kidney stones, 
chronic migraines, fungus, rashes, boils, ingrown toenails removed,
 hernias, gastritis, bronchitis, 
sprained ankles, knees, and stitches ... No big deal.

Moms, never fear.... we are on it.
And our Doctors here are fantastic.

I am so happy to have the help from the office Elders.
The translating is huge.  I couldn't do it without Elder Glasgow.

The skills that we are all gaining here on the mission are invaluable.
The Personal Secretaries should receive 
honorary degrees in the medical field.

Thank You Doctor Glasgow!