Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Friday, August 12, 2011


We attended this sweet baptism last night.
Great Story...

This woman has been living with the same man for over 25 years.
They never married.
They have four beautiful children.

There children have all joined the church
In fact the oldest son is serving a mission in Argentina.

And their second son that baptized her last night
has his call to Mexico and will be leaving shortly.

This mother has been attending and been faithful
but has not been able to be baptized because she and her husband 
were not married.

The husband said why don't you get baptized

She finally had to tell him that she couldn't because they
weren't married.
She also said that she couldn't wait any more.

He could marry her or he would have to pack his bags and move out.
They didn't speak for three months.
She said it was a stressful time.
But the Elders went and talked to him.

He then went and talked to his wife and told her 
that Elder Mayorga and Elder Gamboa answered every question he had.

He also said that it was very awkward to propose marriage
to someone that wouldn't speak to him.
Oh, she was so happy.

They were married two days later and she was baptized
a few days after that.

Her prayers were answered.
He has had his heart softened and he wants to follow
and keep the family together.