Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Monday, August 29, 2011

Let the Holiday Begin...

 Tomorrow Peru celebrates the "Santa Rosa De Lima" Holiday.
Saint Rose was from Lima and she was the first American Saint Ever.
It's a big deal.
They started celebrating tonight with a glow in the dark parade.
Little children all the way up to adults carry fun characters on poles
that have candles inside so they glow.

This parade went right by our house.

They ended up at the big park around the corner
and they will party with loud music there all night.  Yippee!

 I am a North American Mormon Girl
so I don't really understand all about the Saints...

But when they carry the statues of the Saints
or The Virgin Mother Mary through the streets,
they walk with
 these loud bands playing very sad music
and they shoot off the loudest
cannon like fireworks ever...

... the kind that knock you off your feet.

Every time they shoot them off
I feel like I am in Mary Poppins saying...
"places everyone"
as we hold the household together.

I read all about Santa Rosa.
It's a sad story really.
She used to put pepper and lye on her face
to burn it and scar it so that she would not be desirable.
She was very lonely.

But of course she did a lot of good too.

Most of the little children in the parade carrying poles...

end up being carried by their fathers or mothers.

Our missionaries are all going out on the holiday
to raise their voice.

We love holidays... our missionaries can contact so many more
 people at home
or out in the streets for festivities.

So thank you Santa Rosa... You are a great help for the 
Gospel of Jesus Christ.
You really are a Saint.