Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Little Peeps...

Here is my beautiful niece Meg, holding my granddaughter 
"Precious Penny"

Oh, how I need to hold her!
Meg keep her small for me.  

All of my grandchildren are doing fantastic.
But they are growing way too fast.
Here's little Walker Watts already swimming.

Thank you to Hali and Molly for being such
sweet and patient mothers.

This time with little ones passes so fast.
You think it will never end, but trust me,
it is gone in an instant.

Just love every second you get to sit and cuddle
and love these babies.

There is nothing better.

I love that Hali and Molly are already reading scriptures with 
their two year olds. And Tillman and Griffin are giving
little stories in Family Home Evening.

 Griffin Turk Watts and Tillman David Turk

Parker and T-man

This is the time to create these sacred patterns in their lives.
Tillman and Griffin already look forward to scripture time
 and FHE with their families.

I am so thankful that these mothers get to stay home
and raise these little ones.
It is the most important and gratifying job on the earth!

I love little T-man and Penny Girl
and Fiffy and Gawker

(Tillman and Penny Turk)
(Griffin and Walker Watts)