Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Patient/Elder Cedar Glasgow... Are You Kidding?

Just as I was bragging about Elder Glasgow being practically a doctor...
He decided to check out the other side of the coin.

Last night before going to bed, Elder Glasgow was doing his
nightly pull ups on the temporary bar in the doorway.
He was hanging upside, who knows why
and the bar gave out...
and he landed on the back of his head.

President Turk and I met them in the emergency room

This was good for our Doctor Glasgow.
He will be a lot more sympathetic with our missionaries.
The needles made him a little crazy.

The pictures really tell the story

He is going to always have a great scar story to tell
but not as good as his pogo stick story... ask him about it.

He looks like he's on pain pills below but no, he hadn't taken anything yet.
We loved the war veteran look on him.

Never fear,
There's a new doctor in town... Elder Facer to the rescue.
If you are feeling down, give him a call.
He is a great companion.  He will take good care of Elder Glasgow.

Actually, Elder Glasgow has no time to rest because Monday is 
Change Week... His busiest week in the cycle.
Thanks for the excitement.
Late nights in the emergency room... WOW!

We are really happy that we can joke about it
and it wasn't too serious.

He was with us this morning at breakfast and is doing great.