Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Little Boys... My Favorite!

After the Multi-Zone meeting, we met these Elders and...

... these Hermanas for this baptism.
She is a darling single mother of two sons.

These boys look nice and sweet here in this picture but...

They were handfuls, no armfuls of energy.
They have never been to a church... and they didn't know how to really sit still.
You can see below while we were taking pictures
that there was a little disruption.
Sorry Hermana!

Well, leave it to me and my love for little boys.
I grabbed my Mary Poppins bag and lured them to my side.
They sat next to me during the meeting the whole time. 
 I had fun little packs of Chin Chin candy for them.
They are like mini M&Ms.
 I pulled out my little hand held battery fan that Hermana Ward
gave to me to bring to Peru.
Thank you Hermana Ward...  it kept the boys quiet and busy
during the talks.  Then we opened the hymn book and the sweet 
Sister missionaries had taught them "I am a Child of God"
So when we sang it, they loved it and were singing right along
with everyone.  That made them anxious to sing all the songs.
and they did.  They also bowed their heads 
and followed me during the prayers.
I pulled out the hand sanitizer.  They copied me exactly on what to do 
with the liquid I put in their hands.
We also made hand drawings.
When they saw their mother come up out of the water
from being baptized, the oldest called out
Otra vez, Otra vez.
Again, Again...

We did it.
They got through the whole baptism sitting between the
President and Me
and they were wonderful.
I am happy they are entering a great ward
because it might take a village for these two.
I Love Them.