Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Monday, August 29, 2011

Field Trip...

You all know how I love my Huacos (walk-os)
These little pottery figurines that represent
families, hobbies, ancestors etc...
They are found in all the ruins here and now
I love to collect the replicas.

Elder Andersen called and said that he has a huaco factory in his area.
So today on preparation day, Elder Andersen and His companion Elder Vera
went and surprised Elder Jones and his companion Elder Valdivia
and we picked them up for his birthday and went to the factory.

Elder Jones took on the owner in a little horn blowing competition...

Our birthday boy got smoked.
This guy could blow the horn forever.

 Obviously the looser had to wear the pink hat!
But Elder Jones you still look great.

This man is quite the artist.  He actually makes artifacts exactly like his grandfathers
and their grandfathers and their grandfathers.
He makes and paints these pots using the exact materials and techniques
as hundreds of years ago.
Here are a couple of pictures of the pot in the process.

We arranged to come back with some of the elders to make our own
huacos.  He is going to have a little class for us.

This place is down the street from the Huaca del sol and the Huaca de La Luna
which are the great ruins here in Trujillo
of ancient Temples built by the Moche people.

This is Alicia's family homestead.
Alicia is the woman that works here in the mission home with us.
She would still live here but she had to move
because of her son's health. It is too humid here.
So she moved to Esperanza.

 Her brother-in-law works with leather.
He makes anything and everything with leather.
He also makes beautiful scripture covers for the Missionaries.
So today Elder Jones was checking out the covers.

We had a great afternoon.
Seems like old times. 
Thanks Elders for letting me tag along.

We will be making Huacos together soon too.
Can't wait!