Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Divine Signatures...

When we travel 
We are always sharing stories with the missionaries 
from our life or from
the books we have read.

I finished "Divine Signatures"
written by Elder Lund
thanks to Melissa for sending it to me...

So I was sharing the story of 
Elder Lund's mother who was always afraid of the dark.

Every night in her later years of marriage,
her sweet husband would put his hand on her cheek
in the dark and tell her that he was right there and that he loved her.
After sixty years of marriage he died and left her alone for about 9 years.

One night while she was all alone in her bed
She started to get very scared.
It was pitch black and her heart started to pound.
She couldn't catch her breath and she thought she 
was having a heart attack.
She was afraid to die there all alone
thinking that nobody would find her for days.

She cried out to Heavenly Father for help.
After a few moments she felt a hand on her cheek 
and heard the voice of her husband say
It's alright Evelyn, I am here, I Love You.

What a beautiful tender mercy for this woman.
She was able to calm right down and go to sleep.

After President Turk heard me tell this story 
he told me that one of our missionaries
had a similar experience.
His father passed away when he was only ten years old.
He went to work with his uncle as a fisherman.
Several years later, 
He had a dream,  His father appeared to him and told
him that it was his time to serve a mission.
It was very real and he knew that this was
something he better follow.
So he prepared to go and was called to our mission.
After going through the MTC and arriving in our mission
he was very nervous and not sure if he 
had done the right thing by coming.
Again, in a dream, but this time he didn't know if 
it was a dream or not...
His father put his hand on his shoulder, he felt it, 
and told him that he was okay.
He was in the right place and that 
this was his time to be here in the mission.

President Turk and this missionary just cried and hugged
as they both knew that this was the 
sweetest tender mercy he could ever receive.

He has not looked back.  He is an excellent missionary.
I am sure that his father is proud of him and so is 
his Heavenly Father.

Thank you Heavenly Father for this wonderful 
"Divine Signature"

The more we look for them, the more we see them.
Thank Heavenly Father for them.
They are very powerful and motivating in our lives.