Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Friday, August 12, 2011

Last the Best - Laureles Zone

Laureles Zone is growing in leaps and bounds.

The most important thing to me are these missionaries.
I want them all to grow in the gospel and feel successful on their missions.
They are learning so much.
No where in the world can you buy this kind of Education.

To learn to listen and follow the Spirit ...

Elder Andersen and Elder Romero are doing a fantastic job as Zone Leaders.
I love when people really analyze what their job is
and then become the best that they can be at it.
Congratulations Zone Leaders...

Below are the grand Poobahs of the Zone.
I learned that word from the Flintstones Cartoon
but I think it comes from the Mikado.
Anyway it is a mocking term for
Those on Top!
Elders Bulmini and Wilkinson


 Elders Zetina and Fernandez
are the big prize winners of the Zone.

This district did sign language with their special musical number.
Elder Bulmini has a beautiful voice and sang a solo...
and who knew that Hermana Montes played the piano?
You can see her face right under Elder Wilkinson's elbow.

Here are the sweet Hermanas...

that put up with all of this...

We are all happy that we are finished with interviews this round.
Time is flying... I can't keep up.

It's almost Christmas...  PANIC!
(well, if you saw our calendar your would panic for me)