Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday... No water, No Electricity... Very tricky!

I have told you in past posts that on some Sundays
here in Trujillo, you can wake up and have no 
water and no electricity.


This is a nightmare...  I have to open bottled water and try to fix
bedhead and bed face by slapping a little water
  here and there and try to train my hair down.
I have to rat it like crazy and then spray it 
and form it into a hairdo. 
It is not pretty.

Thank goodness I was not speaking anywhere today.
The electricity came back on about 6:00 tonight.

Last night we were at a few baptisms
This was one especially great because the three children
were baptized.
The father has been less active for years.
He wanted religion back in his life.
His wife took the lessons and was baptized a few weeks ago
And now all the children were baptized too.
They just now want to baptize their dog... I am kidding.
But he was at the baptism.

Then we ran to this baptism.  The mother was baptized.
But the father was so sweet because they were not married.
And so he married her on Friday so that she could be baptized.
And she was so grateful for his support.

Many missionaries have worked with this family.

Elder Andersen and Elder Glasgow sang the special number.
And we told Elder Glasgow that you could hardly even see his stitches. Whoa.

We know that this husband will follow soon.
Congratulations to all of the Elders that were involved
 There was such a sweet spirit there.