Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Things We Find...

The Laureles Zone was having their Tuesday morning meetings
 so I popped in and got a few keys
to go check out some of their rooms.

There are always things we find in the rooms that are a crack up.
I just found out the story behind this funny little ceramic piece.
Elder Wilkinson recieved this from a family in Guadalupe.
He has babysat this for 7 months.
This is a tough item to haul from area to area.
It's holding a lint brush and some other sweet treasures.

These are not surprising... some Elders think that sunflower seeds
are one of the main food groups.
They are a staple around here.

But I am not sure what food group that long green thing belongs too.
I will have to do a little asking around.
The Elders that were with me were saying that 
it might be aloe vera... No, I know what that looks like.
I think this has big seeds inside that go in soup. 

I found out that it is a Peruvian fruit called Guavas.
Their pensionista gave it to them and they love it.
I found this picture below on the internet.
It shows what it looks like inside.
Interesting.... I need to try it.

Elder Facer had a flashback in this room.
These were his push up bars that he brought from home.
But after hauling them around for awhile,
the thrill was over so...
he gave them to Elder Edmunds
who has been home from the mission for a while.
We know that Elder Retamal has had them.
So has Elder Shaw. 
You know that they have been passed down through
several more Elders before ending up with Elder Wilkinson and Bulmini.
And now Elder Facer was cracking up 
as he saw them here in this room. 

Why they have a public telephone sign... I don't Know.
They gather some funky stuff.

But I do love seeing the quote that I gave them when we arrived.
"Do you want to be a bird that walks or a bird that flies?"

It is up to each one of us what we do with our lives 
and what we do with our mission.

His quote says that he wants to Fly...

100% Obedience!
Thank you Elder Wilkinson.

Now don't you feel like you know these Elders just a little better.
Elder Bulmini and Elder Wilkinson...
Thanks for letting us share your room with the world.

Elder Bulmini is from Uruguay and Elder Wilkinson is from Utah.
They are fantastic missionaries.