Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Chunky Monkey Baby... oh and a baptism

What a wonderful baptism.
Elder Erickson and Elder Brian invited us tonight
to this sweet service.
The father is a member
 and now the wife has joined the church.
They have the most beautiful children.

Watch how my camera starts zooming in on the baby.

This baby is a chunky monkey.

Look, I cut out the family and am just focusing on that delicious baby.

I act like a deprived grandma...  Oh how I love rolls on a baby.

I will say this... the Trujillo parents dress their children
 in clothes that are made for ice cold climates.  
I always feel like the babies are sweating in their snow clothes.
Remember, Trujillo is the "City of Eternal Spring"
The weather every single day is PERFECT.

Before I came to Trujillo I thought it was the city of eternal Spring meaning
a spring of water.  I thought that there was a river running through the city.
It took me awhile to get that the Spring meant the weather.
There is absolutely no river running through here.

                                                   Elder Erickson leaves us on Monday.
 It seems like right when the missionaries get in their groove.... 
when they know how to be great missionaries, and they are very successful,
they thrive on hard work, their teaching skills are fantastic, 
they love every minute of every day...
then it's time for them to leave us.

But the next group steps up and takes over.

This missionary calling is full time for two years 
but will be in their blood and part
of their lives Forever.