Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Serving with Smiles...

President and Elder Pickett went out with these Elders this afternoon.
Look at all their smiles.
They make me happy.
Elders: Casanova, Sancé, Pillajo, Aquino, and Pickett

President had some great teaching moments with these two.
They gave the baptismal challenge and the family accepted.

They were out in the area called Milagro
where there is a lot of construction going on.

As the missionaries were passing a ladies house,
she was in this ditch digging up her water line.
The Elders grabbed her shovel and jumped in and started digging.

The missionaries look for ways to serve people.
Every day they do small acts of kindness just because.

It blesses others lives and it blesses their own.
Where on earth are 19 to 25 year old young men and women
looking full time for ways to help others and bring them happiness.

And in return, these missionaries receive the greatest lesson of their lives...
That true happiness comes from lifting and helping others.

Another set of our missionaries were teaching a woman the lessons
 and found out that her birthday was coming up.
They went and invited a family in the ward that was less active 
to go with them to this woman's house
to take her a cake and wish her a happy birthday.  They reluctancly went
and when they got to the woman's house and she opened the door and saw
them with a cake and heard them sing to her, she wept.
She hasn't had anyone wish her happy birthday for years.
They went in and enjoyed each others company and had cake together.
And the family that went with the Elders was so touched that they want to 
go with them much more often and do anything they can to help
serve others.  They are all back at church and loving life.

Through small and simple things...  Great things are brought to pass!

Thank you Elders for your Love and Kindness 
Selfless Service