Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Saturday is a Special Day....

Congratulations to our Missionaries.
This was a huge week for baptisms.
We wish we could attend them all but that is impossible.

We attended this sweet baptism yesterday.
This is Segundo and his family.
He is the security guard at the Institute downtown.
His wife has been a less active member for a long time.
He had been given many Books of Mormon by the institute students.
He had listened in on many of the classes.
But to no avail.
He didn't do his homework.

The missionaries were passing by his house one day
and his wife was outside and asked if they had any pamphlets for 
Segundo to read
while he was in the hospital recovering from surgery.
They of course had several they gave her and they were on their way.

The Elders followed up with the family
and he had read the pamphlets and wanted to hear more.
Segundo knew that it was time to make a change in his life
and get his family on the right path together.
He and his daughter were baptized yesterday
by Elder Erickson and Elder Brian.

The church is not an obligation
It is a path... to a glorious destination.

Below is Diego...
Hermana Sanchez and Hermana Mori were able to teach him.
They said that he is a great man
with honorable intentions.
They had tears as they witnessed his baptism and
 listened to his new found testimony.
He has a bunch of great friends that invited him to get involved.

There were many baptisms in the East Zone yesterday.
A very sweet spirit was there.
Elders Machaca, Morales, Sandoval, Martinez, Herrera, and Berroteran
were there with all of their investigators... now members.

One of the sweet elderly men that was getting baptized was crippled 
and couldn't walk down into the font.  
So Elders Berroteran and Morales
carried him down into the water and the Stake President 
was able to baptized him.
It was difficult.  He was nervous.  And the first attempt he 
only went under part way....
He swallowed some water and really had a hard time
recovering and getting ready to try again.

As I watched all of my Elders witness this event, 
every single one of their 
heads bowed down in a silent prayer asking for help
for this gentle courageous man that was
following the Savior's admonition
to "Come Follow Me"

He let them start over 
and the second time was a success and you could
see the joy in his face as he came up from the water
Renewed and Obedient.
The room was filled with tears for his strong spirit 
and brave example.

Thank you missionaries for your prayers and your efforts
in building the Kingdom of God
One sweet soul at a time.

We want everyone to feel and receive the sacred blessings
that come through being 
baptized and confirmed a member of 
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints