Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Makin' Huacos...

 This morning I took the office Elders to a Huaco Factory.
We had each of them learn to make Huacos.
Huacos are the little statues that I collect.
First you roll out the clay...

Push the clay into the molds

Make sure the molds fit together perfectly...

After 45 minutes you carefully take them out of the molds...

And voila... you have the beginnings of a Huaco.

They are of course rough on all the edges and there are some cracks...

You carefully shave them down and smooth them out

You use tools and fingers dipped in water.

Some of these were very detailed.

Poor Elder Glasgow is always on the phone.
He was getting behind on his Huaco.
Elder Facer was finished with his Huaco so...

He held the phone for our Secretary while he finished his Hauco.
Elder Facer is a great companion.

Now they will be painted or stained and placed into the kiln.

We will pick up the finished product on Thursday.

Great job office staff ... Can't wait to see the finished pieces.