Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Friday, September 2, 2011

She's Black and White...

I love Zebras and Penguins.
My wedding was all Black and White
with red Roses 
way before it was in style.

 The other day I was packing my suitcase and this is what 
it looked like...
Yep, all Black and White.
Even my make-up bag is black and white.

My life is and has always been black and white.

I am like the Cruella Deville of Trujillo...
especially when I am Driving in Peru.

I sometimes even make this face while I am trying to avoid being killed on these roads.
I drive very defensively but you also have to be aggressive
or you could sit in one spot for hours.
It is a tricky balance.

My red van got home yesterday.  I missed her.

Funny story...
People in Lima called to get the numbers
and registration and make and model
and window tinting level etc...
on my red van.
They didn't say why... It was very secretive.

We put two and two together and thought
Oh Wow, Elder Oaks and Elder Andersen
of the Twelve Apostles are coming to Lima 
and they are going to visit some of the
outlying areas.  They only call to get info
on my van when one of the Twelve comes.
They did it for Elder Christofferson.

We just knew that one of them was going to come
to Trujillo and do the groundbreaking for the Temple.

Well, here's where the story gets funny. 

Not only was neither of them coming to visit us...
But they were taking my van to another mission
to drive Elder Oaks around.


It didn't really hurt.
 Now my van has driven two Apostles around.
She has had a sweet little life.
Not to dismiss the many great men of the
Quorums of the Seventy 
that she has had the chance 
to maneuver here and there.

I was without a car for several days but it is amazing
how easy it is to get around in taxis in Trujillo.
If President is in meetings and interviews 
and I need to be somewhere else,
I just step out on the street and before my hand is in the air,
twenty little screeching taxis are at my service
I call them little minnows.
When I am driving,
they use my big red van to protect them on the street.
I always have a school of them around me.

This picture below is me with my two cronies
Elder Facer and Elder Glasgow.
Aren't they Lucky?

They absolutely adore me...  HA Ha  haha   ha....
(How do you type an evil laugh?)