Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Little Ball Playin' Boys.... Everywhere!

There are little herds of boys everywhere here.
They are always playing soccer.

They will play anywhere using anything for the goals.

I could watch them play all day long.
This group below was playing at the church
They would all come over to me and try to speak English.
And I would try to speak Spanish with them.
It ends up mostly in Spanglish.

They even learn to flop like in the big leagues.
Why do professional soccer players do that?
I hate to watch it because of this.
Fakers... just get going. Be tough.
The tougher the better.
You don't need the penalty.  Beat them without it.
Wow, where did that come from?
I don't really care about soccer.
(Oh dear, I will hear about this from my Latino friends)

The gate was locked when we got to the church.
I was wondering how these boys scaled these tall walls,
but then I saw them coming in and out of this little hole in the bars.
They could squeeze through this hole so fast...
It was like little cockroaches fitting through the tiniest crack.

Elder Glasgow decided to see if he could fit in the hole...

Great news everyone... 

Elder Glasgow still has his boyish figure... 

Is that a compliment?
I don't have the right compliment for this.

I begged President Turk to try to squishy on through...

But he said "Not a Chance"
Now that would have been a good story
with fun pictures.