Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Power Lunch

A few days ago we were invited to the Peña's home for lunch.
He is a big business man in town.
We met him at the groundbreaking of the Temple
He has a cable company and had visited BYUTV in Provo. 
 He has added the BYU channel
to his cable stations here for the Peruvians.
They are the couple on the left.

We had them over the other night for dinner and family home evening.
They are involved with the University here
and are opening a University in Iquitos.

The couple on my left are the Hondas.  He is the director and attorney
of the Employment Center for the Church.
Our offices are right next to their offices and they are also 
in our ward (which we never really get to attend)
and on the right of us are
Richard Williams and his wife here from BYU
to speak at the University about 
Ethics in Business.

This is Mrs. Tejeda, the director at this University who 
put this speaking assignment together.
She and her husband are also a great couple here in Trujillo.

The Williams live in Provo and he teaches and the Y
and is the director of the Wheatley Institute.