Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Zone Leaders Service Project...

It is so much fun being with the Zone Leaders.
They are sooooo Handsome in their Suits.
But a little later in the day
they were very dirty and stinky.
I love when they are dirty and stinky for a great cause.

 Elders: Andersen, Chacaltana, Terry, Valdivia, Hannemann, De Leon, Llatance, Wright, Barinas, Glasgow, President Turk, Arena, Pickett, Marquez, Facer, Weathers, Jones, Takishita, Romero, Uribe, Gricius, Tagle, Arthur, Vera, Brito, Roman, Yat, Cosigua and Martinez

These are the new Zone Leaders added since last Concilio.
 Elders Hannemann, Barinas, Uribe, Yat, Terry and we have recycled
Elder Gricius back in the mix.

Today after training and lunch
the Zone Leaders went to several different chapels and helped
the ground crews catch up.

There were a lot of perspiring men out there today.  GREAT!

Above Elder Facer and Elder Glasgow are cleaning up after the dogs
and look right behind them... The dogs are laughing as they run away.

Thank goodness Elder Gricius is trained in CPR
they lost all vitals on the gas trimmer
So here Elder Weathers is performing mouth to something
and Elder Gricius is pumping the gas tank

 We've got Star Wars above and free Haircuts below...

Does the fun ever end?

Not Yet...

Hey, who is the handsome man behind the tree and bending over picking up garbage?

Is there anything that man can't do? or won't do?
Keep up the great work President!

More pictures of the Service project are coming.
I just didn't make it to all the chapels.
Elder Andersen, Vera, Wright and Uribe were in Salaverry.
Photos coming.