Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Sunday, September 11, 2011

All Dogs Go to Heaven...

I was invited to this sweet baptism this week.
She is a darling girl that is nineteen years old.
She was taught and baptized by Elder Oyarzun and Elder Mendoza.

Below are her friends and one of their moms.
These friends invited her to come with them to activities.
It just takes a simple invitation to change someone's eternity.

President Turk's life was changed by a simple invitation to attend seminary.
He was trying to change one of his classes in his schedule and a friend said
Why don't you just come with me to Seminary.
He went with him for one day and then
he signed up for the class.
The teacher was a great man
and taught him to love the scriptures. 

This invitation to Seminary changed his whole life.
Invite someone to something today!

I saw one of my little soccer boys at the baptism.
He asked if he could get a picture with me.
So I said Yes of course...
The Elders told me that he is battling cancer right now.
Well, I couldn't believe this.
I will keep him in my prayers and keep my eye on him.

As we were going back into the baptism after photos,
I couldn't get into the room because of these four legged friends.
The leader of this pack of dogs belonged to one of the families
attending the baptism...

So the main dog went in and sat with the family....
and these guys were just waiting in the hall.
Dogs in the church.... Why can't I get used to this?
I had the Elders help me walk them out.

I told the dogs that they don't need to worry about baptism
because I have heard that
"All Dogs Go to Heaven."
Now run outside doggies and play...

But I told them that they still have to behave.