Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Monday, September 26, 2011

Un Gran Dia!

 President Turk went to Otusco yesterday and picked up the missionaries
and then drove with them to Millauchaqui
to be with the family group.
They are not a branch yet.
Elders:  Mikesell, Contreras, Espinal, and Hurley

Here is one of the Sisters kitchens in Milluachaqui

She made the Elders and President some hot cereal and bread 
for breakfast

This family group is too far to meet with the Otusco branch
so they are meeting on this back porch
of one of the members.

This little girl will be a great leader someday.
She was the first baptized in her family 
and now her parents are preparing to be baptized.

They also attended a baptism there yesterday.
The younger brother who is 74 baptized his older brother who is 84

The font is outside 
in this garden next to the house chapel

Here is the cute primary group 

and the Gospel Doctrine Class

We love the faithful saints all over Peru.