Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Friday, September 23, 2011

Hallelujah... I am Alive!

First of all... Thank you everyone for your prayers and emails.
I am doing great and going again full steam.
I still can't hear perfectly but that will come.
To answer a few questions...
Yes, President Turk did give me the shots of antibiotic.
I was in pain and didn't care if he hurt me but he did a great job.
Also, the mothers milk did help and I am sure that it will cure
little childrens ears quickly.
It is worth a try.  We call is liquid gold.
I just didn't have the heart to ask the girls to go find
more the next day.

Now on to some of the real action again.
Tonight we went to a fun surprise baptism.
It was Alicia's Aunt.
Alicia is the woman that works here in the mission home with us.

The elders have been teaching her Aunt Christina.
She is a single mother of a 24 year old son.
The son was baptized a while ago and he wants to go on a mission.
But he would not leave his mother alone.

So tonight, she didn't tell her son that she was going to be baptized.
The whole ward and family showed up
Her son came a little later for what he thought was a Bishop's interview.

He came from work and went right into the bathroom and changed to a 
white shirt and tie.

Then he walked out to find the bishop
and Look what he found...

His mother all dressed in white 
and the ward ready for him to baptized her.

The Elders had some white clothing for him to put on

And it turned out to be a very special event.

She wants him to put his papers in now that she has a whole ward family 
to take care of her.

This is Christina's family below...
Alicia is the new Relief Society President in her ward
and they were having a special party tonight that she was in charge of
and she couldn't be here.

But Christina has a huge support team now.
They are so excited she decided to be baptized.

When she was bearing her testimony tonight she said
"I have never in my life felt such satisfaction and peace"

And I testify that there is nothing in this world that will 
satisfy what your soul is craving until you follow it...

The Gospel of Jesus Christ.
He knows what is best for each of us.
Ask and ye shall receive!