Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Good News...

General Conference is over... Sad :(
But it always leaves us 
renewed and excited and regenerated.
Where else in the world do you have so 
many people thrilled to listen to
Church Sermons?

The Prophet and the Apostles
give us the GOOD NEWS
of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Everything they say is relevant for today.
That is why the Lord gives us a living Prophet
to guide us in these latter-days.
The leaders teach truths that bring 
light and hope.
There is no greater feeling that you can
have on this earth than
 living the Gospel.

When I was a little girl
and I heard people say the
"Good News"
I didn't understand what it meant until 
I grew up and 
have seen peoples lives
with it and peoples lives without it.
Huge Difference!
It is absolutely GOOD NEWS.

We love being in the trenches and 
spreading this Plan of Happiness
and Salvation
in Trujillo, Perú.

It is sweet to see our missionaries
drink this conference in.
They listen carefully to every word.

They are also spiritually fed and ready
to give it their all.

We have 20 missionaries leaving tomorrow
and 27 new ones arriving.

President is calling 6 new Zone Leaders tonight.