Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

They Made It!

Our Welcome Committee was in full force last night
looking spectacular...

So after our tearful goodbyes to our missionaries...
We went to the other part of the airport to pick up 
all of our sweet new ones.
Look at them... they are Wonderful!

We got them back to the hotel, fed them and tucked them in.

President Turk and I then went for some comfort food.
This is usually chinese food.
We started talking about each one of our missionaries
and of course the tears came.

When we stop long enough to talk about the missionaries
it's usually at this restaurant.
The waiters see me cry all the time.
I wonder what they think of me?
President took a photo with his phone of all my
teary kleenex. 

More photos Coming of each of the new ones.