Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Big Day of Service Projects

Today we had the missionaries in Trujillo out in full force
helping with all the Stakes Service Projects.

If you take our little army of missionaries
and put them on a task,
they can get a lot accomplished.

And they did!

On one of the projects
they were moving a ton of bricks in an assembly line
and you just knew that this was 
going to happen...
Elder Quispe dropped a brick right on his toe
and did a bit of damage.
But never fear.... we are fantastic at dealing
with toes and feet in this mission.
He will be healed real soon.

The missionaries did everything form scrubbing, weeding, planting,
burning, garbage hauling, brick removal, raking,
sweeping and painting.

The missionaries not only work hard and get things
accomplished... they are happy when they do it.

There is nothing better than hard working happy missionaries.
Thank you to the Assistants for taking all the pictures
and this self photo.